Who is Lil Brian?

“Lil Brian” is an independent Music Artist/Producer, born and raised in Hollywood, FL!

To begin, music and rhythm always gravitated to me at a young age.

My earliest experience with music and performance started in my Elementary School’s “Singing Stars” choir program at Pasadena Lakes Elementary School.

Although I only participated in my 4th grade year, this was around the same time I started to have interest in writing songs, being inspired by the early music of the 2000’s; specifically by artists such as Eminem, Usher, Ne-Yo, and Sean Paul.

I was also inspired by my cousins that recorded their own reggaeton music! They definitely helped spark the idea to write songs in my mind, so shout out to those guys! I wrote a few songs at that point, but I didn’t take off with my writing, until later in life.

My interest in music continued on to Driftwood Middle School, where in 6th grade I played the Alto Saxophone, then in 7th grade, I switched to playing percussion.

Around the end of my 7th grade year is where I decided to start writing lyrics again, except this time, I knew I wanted to take my interest in music serious, specifically in the hip hop/rap genre.

[One of my main inspirations of this time came from discovering a CD named “The College Dropout” by an Artist named, Kanye West. At first I skimmed through the album, until I found a familiar track that I loved, which was “Jesus Walks,” and after realizing Kanye was the man behind one of my favorite rap songs, I decided to give the CD a chance. That’s when I thoroughly went through the album and the rest is history… This album is one of the main things that sparked and inspired me to become, “Lil Brian”]

I shared many great experiences and performances with my fellow bandmates throughout my years at Driftwood Middle School, but this was not the end of my pursuits and passion for music.

I continued on by joining the drumline of the Spartan Pride Marching Band at Hollywood Hills High School.

Freshmen year, I started as the 2nd Bass, then moving on to Snare Drum for the rest of my high school career. These are the years that sparked most of my dreams, visions, and creativity.

From performing with the band in Orlando at the “Battle of the Bands” event..

And always performing every year at my high school’s talent shows!!!

As well as going my 1st time out of Florida to Chicago, to march at the McDonald’s Thanksgiving Parade..


These are the times I learned the most about showmanship and what it truly means to be a musician and a performer.

Alongside from being a musician in my school’s Band Programs, I spent much time doing research on what was needed to record and produce music of my own. Slowly, I transformed my bedroom, to my “home studio,” where I made all of my earliest works.

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Besides music, my mind wasn’t too much on school,  but I always had a bright mind and ideas of being an entrepreneur and being a provider to my family, being that my family didn’t have the best financial situation at home. My mother was a single mother and my father was in and out of my life. He tragically passed away in 2012 when I was in 11th grade. I was only at the age of 16 years old. This truly affected me in my life…

Although I wasn’t the best student academically, I excelled in my school’s music programs all throughout Middle School and High School.

After high school, I enrolled to Broward College in attempts for an AA in Music Technology. As I began my first classes in the fall of 2014, another family related issue struck, which distracted me from my studies, and resulted me to eventually drop from my classes. At that point, I felt so anxious to do something about my situation at home and provide to my family, rather than sit at a school desk and let time pass by…

This is when I decided to do my own research on success, financial freedom, and what it takes to run a music business, sell music, sell beats, and everything in between!

And in September 2016, after much research on music and the industry behind it, I decided to go independent and I officially founded “Lil Brian Productions LLC” setting off my future career in the music industry and my pursuits to impact the world through my music, thoughts, and expressions!

From that time up until now, I’ve been experimenting, improving my business. I actually went through a bit of rebranding with my business, in efforts to better represent my message.

OLD LOGO (2016)
NEW LOGO ( 2018 – Present)

At this time,  I am currently preparing  my official catalog of music and beats for its official debut!!

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