Perks of Mobile Gaming


What a time to be alive… where you can play high quality shooters/games from the palm of your hands…

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I remember around 2017, I didn’t have a console, so the only time I got to play any games was when my brother wasn’t home and I got to play one of his consoles.

That wasn’t enough for me… I needed something consistent!

I did have an iPhone 5c, so I looked up games similar to Call Of Duty that I could play… just so I can scratch that itch I had for a nice shooter game.

I stumbled upon a game called “Modern Combat” which I thought was a funny title lol *cough cough* Modern Warfare….

But besides the name, I actually got into the game for a while. Like I said, I needed something consistent, and my phone was always steady at hand.

I played enough to become decent and I actually enjoyed the game. It also satisfied my competitiveness a bit, but to be honest it didn’t last me long before I got bored of it. The controls of the game didn’t have the best layout and that was enough for me to see the game as a bit flawed. You can’t have that authentic shooter experience like you would on a Console shooter…

Fast forward to early 2018. I had no choice but to replace my iPhone 5c, with the iPhone SE! It wasn’t the latest of its times but it was definitely an upgrade for me!

Around April, Fortnite, one of the most popular games at that moment, released on Mobile Devices!! This was a game changer for the Mobile Gaming community, because Fortnite brought in a lot of attention to this platform.

You might be wondering “What about PUBG Mobile?! It came out before Fortnite Mobile dropped!” You’re totally right!

I wasn’t much aware of PUBG Mobile, but my friend was, so when he saw that I was playing Fortnite Mobile, he immediately recommended that I play PUBG Mobile. I considered it heavily, and after I got my first Victory on Fortnite Mobile, I felt I could move on with my life. I liked Fortnite, but once again the mobile controls took away from the smooth authentic experience you would get through playing the Console Version.

So after my first Fortnite Mobile dub, I quickly downloaded PUBG Mobile from the App Store, and to be honest after a few games in, I WAS SOLD!

This game out of all the Mobile Shooters I played so far, had the controls down better than any other Mobile game. And even if you said I was wrong, well in PUBGM, you can actually adjust all the on screen controls to your specific playing style!!

Aside from the controls, the gameplay was superior! I had my friend alongside me which made the experience that much greater!

It wasn’t much longer that I decided to stream my gameplay. After doing researched on how to stream Mobile games, the best solution I found for me was, the “Omlet Arcade” app! [I totally recommend “Omlet Arcade” to anybody looking for a simple solution to stream their mobile gameplay!!!]

From Season 1 of PUBG Mobile, up until now, I’ve had many great games, and I’ve seen the community grow stronger and stronger as the game only got better and better, with new maps, new features, and new cosmetics.

In my opinion, PUBG Mobile, is better than the Console version HANDS DOWN! The Console version of PUBG has a general lag to the controls and doesn’t run as smoothly as PUBG Mobile does. I can’t speak for PC because I never tried it on PC, but I’m assuming its great with a nice PC.

As much as I love PUBG Mobile, the landscape is totally about to shift!

Today on October 1st, Call of Duty: Mobile has release. Made by Activision, and Tencent Games (the SAME people who made the great PUBG Mobile).

Oh it is nothing but a GREAT time to be alive, because with COD: Mobile now in the market, I feel Mobile Gaming is only going to expand even that much further than it already has!!! And I’m looking forward to every moment of it!

Perks of Mobile Gaming

I am a big advocate for mobile gaming. For anybody who is unfortunate enough to not be able to have a console, Mobile Gaming is the best way to go!!! And at this point you won’t be lacking much, now with the progress Mobile Gaming has reached!

If you don’t have a console but have a modern smart phone, or you just want to play something while you’re on the go, here are a few perks of Mobile Gaming and what you can get out of it!

1. Affordable

Smart phones are everywhere now. You might even already own one so you’re in luck! But even if you don’t own a decent smart phone you can easily find one around. Make sure you check the specs of the device and the required specs of the game that you’re interested in playing.

And even at a last resort, if you don’t have a smart phone or can’t afford it, you’re alternatives are the latest iPod Touch by Apple, or one of their latest iPads!


As I said earlier, since this is Mobile Gaming, that means we can now take our gaming on the go! We are no longer bound to our TVs and plug outlets. Although you might need some good wifi, now you can play anywhere that you desire! Even on the toilet if that pleases you xD

The point is, the game doesn’t have to go on pause just because you got somewhere to go. Now with Mobile Gaming, the game goes where ever you go! As long as you don’t lose your phone haha

3. Easy to play with friends!

You probably know a friend or two that has a smart phone, that might want to tag in on some of the action! Well it really is 1, 2, 3 when it comes to adding your friends and playing with them! It doesn’t even matter if you’re playing on IOS or Andriod, most games are enabled for both platforms to play together. And if we’re talking Fortnite Mobile, you can even play with your friends on Console by simply linking your Epic account.

Besides that, sitting in a room with your buddies while playing a Mobile Game is an awesome and fun experience that you really can’t get anywhere else.

Sure you can tell all your friends to bring their consoles and TVs, but who wants to do that?! I’m sure you don’t want to add that to your light bill either lol

Hope you enjoyed reading my Mobile Gaming story, and I hope you found this blog helpful in any way

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